Social Media and the Law : a Guidebook for Communication Students and Professionals ed. by Daxton R. Stewart


This fully updated third edition of Social Media and the Law was written by certified experts on various laws relating to social media and is an essential guide to navigating the complex legal field at play. While current legislation is based within the general area of media and communications, it will continue to evolve into taking a more focused approach.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok, pose some of the most complex challenges for free expression. Since their emergence, these services have rapidly become popular and vital tools for professionals in news related and strategic communication fields. The legal ramifications have no choice but to develop in the same rhythm and content creators must be aware of the different legal issues relating to defamation, privacy, data protection and intellectual property.

I chose this book for our law collection because it is an essential book in a dynamic field, a must-read not only for students of media, mass communication, journalism and public relations but also for anyone who uses social media professionally. The reader gets practical guidance to existing and emerging legal issues.

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