The Bicherbus is a library on wheels that travels all over the country on 15 weekly tours in over 80 towns and villages in Luxembourg. The Bicherbus offers more than 70,000 books, audiobooks and DVDs for children, teenagers and adults. The resources can be used for further education, leisure reading or to expand cultural horizons.

Terms of use

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To register with the Bicherbus, simply fill in the application form and hand it to a member of staff.

Application form (Pdf, 84 Kb) Application form (under 14 years) (Pdf, 88 Kb)

Loans and returns

Documents from the Bicherbus collection can be reserved at least 5 working days in advance via and then collected at the chosen stop. Each user can borrow up to 20 books or other documents. The loan period is 42 days and 21 days for documents reserved by other readers at the time of borrowing.

Borrowed documents can be returned not only to the Bicherbus directly, but also, at any time, via the automatic return system outside the National Library building in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

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