Internal regulations and lending rules for the Bicherbus

Internal regulations and lending rules for the Bicherbus


Article 1

The “Bicherbus” library on wheels is a service of the National Library of Luxembourg (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, BnL). It is a member of the national network of Luxembourgish libraries

Article 2

The Bicherbus is a public service aimed at everyone, without distinction as to age, race, sex, religion, nationality, language or social status. It provides services and assembles collections with a view to home loans, continuous training, cultural enrichment and leisure.

Article 3

Anyone signing up for the Bicherbus must implicitly accept the provisions of these rules and their appendices. These rules can be consulted on the Bicherbus and on its website.

Article 4

Access to the Bicherbus and to its services, registration, on-premises viewing of written documents and electronic databases, and likewise the lending of books and of multimedia documents, are in line with the following modalities. 


Article 5

To make choosing works easier on the Bicherbus, it includes a section for children and young people and a section for adults. The section for children and young people is aimed more particularly at those aged under 14. Access to digital and audio books is reserved to those aged 14 or over and resident in Luxembourg or its border regions.

Article 6

The Bicherbus offers the following services to users free of charge:

  • Loan of books, audio books and DVDs, and
  • Access to digital and audio books in the selection.

Article 7

The opening times are displayed on the Bicherbus and on the website


Article 8

Joining the Bicherbus is free of charge. A library card is issued on presentation of a valid identity document and after the user has signed the registration form. By registering, the user acknowledges that he or she has noted the rules and has received a copy of them.

The library card is personal to the user and has a limited validity. For young people under 14, the registration form should be countersigned by a person with parental authority. The form should also state the surname and first name of that person, along with a telephone number on which that person can be contacted and an e-mail address. For their initial transactions, readers will use the password assigned by the Bicherbus service; later, they will be able to choose a password of their own.

Article 9

Any change of address is to be notified without delay to the Bicherbus. If the library card is lost, it must be notified as soon as possible to the Bicherbus.


Article 10

Home loans are approved for persons registered as users and resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or in the Greater Region. Loans are for 42 days and 21 days for documents reserved by other readers at the time of borrowing.

Each user can borrow up to 20 books or other documents.


Article 11

Users are required to respect the sites, the equipment and the other users and staff of the Bicherbus.

Users are solely and entirely responsible throughout the period of provision of the documents entrusted to them. They are responsible for wear, loss, deterioration and alterations to such documents. They undertake not to transfer them or to pass them on to any third party.

The responsibility for any loan made using a library card, by anyone, lies with the card-holder. Parents assume full responsibility for their children with regard to access to and respect for the sites and to use of the library’s collections.

Animals are not allowed entry, with the exception of guide dogs or service dogs for the disabled. Smoking inside the Bicherbus is not permitted.

Users are required to comply with instructions from the Bicherbus staff.

Membership of the Bicherbus may be withdrawn by the Bicherbus itself in the following cases: if the user’s personal data is to be deleted in the absence of renewal of the registration, which is valid for a period of two years, or if the user breaches the internal regulations.


Article 12

The Bicherbus service reserves the right to withdraw the library card from anyone who fails to respect the internal rules. Such persons may be refused entry to the Bicherbus.

If the documents are not returned on time, the user will be informed by email that their account is blocked automatically and that the user is prevented from using Bicherbus services, such as taking out new loans, renewing current loans, placing new requests or using digital offerings. A reminder is sent after 14 days and after 21 days. The next reminder is sent 35 days after the scheduled return date, incurring a non-refundable overdue fee of EUR 10 to be paid by bank transfer. A final reminder is sent 56 days after the scheduled return date. If the document is not returned by the 70th day after the scheduled return date, the Library will declare it as lost and invoice the user. The amount invoiced includes the cost of replacing the document and a non-refundable charge of EUR 25 for processing fees. Non-refundable overdue fees and the processing fees for replacing lost documents are added to the user’s account. A user will only be unblocked once the document has been returned and/or the overdue fee/processing fee/replacement fee has been paid.

The user will pay for any damage or loss of a document. Users must immediately notify any loss or theft of a document belonging to the Bicherbus. The Bicherbus will issue an invoice to the user for a sum equivalent to the cost of replacing the document plus a fixed non-refundable charge of EUR 25 for the processing fees.


Article 13

Joining the Bicherbus is dependent on providing the following information and supporting documents: surname, first name, date of birth, nationality, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, and copy of an ID document.

This information (the “personal data”) is necessary to validate the registration and to open a reader account for that person. A printed copy of the registration form is retained in the Bicherbus archives.

The registration period with the Bicherbus is two years, unless extended. Twenty-four months after expiry of all the user’s enrolments with libraries in the network, the personal data will be erased automatically. The loans history will be retained in an anonymised fashion for the statistical reporting to be given by the library. The personal data will be recorded in the “shared file of readers” of the integrated system for management of the network of Luxembourgish libraries, which is jointly shared by the member libraries in the network. The list of member libraries can be viewed at

The username and password are common to all libraries in the network where the user is registered or can join. The personal data is liable to be processed by a limited number of persons duly authorised and trained for the purposes set out below.

Personal data is gathered and processed for:

  • Joining the Bicherbus and updating the data on the reader account;
  • Reservations for loans and for viewing documents at the library, and for reproduction of documents;
  • Requests for international loans;
  • Contacting the user for reservations, reminders and fines on loans;
  • Use of IT tools provided by the Bicherbus;
  • Access to and viewing online resources provided for the user by the Bicherbus;
  • Preparation of anonymised statistics to improve the services offered by the Bicherbus;
  • Detection of frauds and abuses whilst using the digital resources provided for the user by the Bicherbus;
  • Managing requests under the right to access, to rectification, to object to processing and other rights in relation to personal data by the Bicherbus;
  • Subscribing to the Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg newsletter, managed with the assistance of the subcontractor Mailjet, Paris.

The Director of the BnL, under the authority of the Minister with Culture under his or her responsibilities, together with the other libraries in the network, is the data controller under the EU’s GDPR Directive of 27 April 2016 (2016/679). The information set out in Article 13 of Directive (EU) 2016/679 can be found in the internal rules of the Bicherbus.

The user has a right of access to and a right of rectification of the personal data concerning him or her. Any modification to the personal data can be made directly at the reception desk at the BnL or online, via the reader account on the site

The user has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter via a link provided in each e-mail or by contacting the Bicherbus. The retention period for the user’s e-mail address shall not exceed that of his or her subscription.

The user similarly has the right to withdraw their consent to inclusion of their personal data in the shared file of readers for the network, to object to processing of their personal data, to request erasure of personal data, to request restriction of processing, and to request portability of the personal data relating to them.

The user also has the option to lodge a complaint, in the event of failure(s) to respect the applicable rules with regard to protection of personal data, to a supervisory body such as the Luxembourg Data Protection Commission (Commission nationale pour la protection des données, CNPD).

In certain cases envisaged under Directive (EU) 2016/679, the Bicherbus can contest these rights. Deleting personal data causes the user to lose access to the loans service and to the IT services of the BnL.

For further information on the contents of or the manner of exercising rights, or to exercise these rights, the user can contact the Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg via e-mail to or by writing to the following postal address:

Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg

Données personnelles / Secrétariat de direction

37D, avenue John F. Kennedy

L-1855 Luxembourg

Note for information

Article 14

Without prejudice to the penalties envisaged under the law, the Bicherbus service reserves the right to extend these rules and regulations by including other monetary fines.

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