Reprographic services

Reprographic services

You can scan, print and copy documents, save them on a USB stick or send them by e-mail. Copiers and flatbed scanners are available in the Reading Room’s copying facilities in the basement and on the 2nd and 3rd floors. In the Microforms Reading Room on the 3rd floor, you can make paper copies (reader printer copies) or scan extracts from documents.

Print, copy and scan yourself

There is a charge for printing and copying documents. You can put money on your library card at the reception desk.

You are personally responsible for making sure that you comply with copyright and related rights.

What are the fees?


Type Per A4 page Per A3/B4 page
Black and white € 0.25 € 0.40
Black and white (double-sided) € 0.40 € 0.60
Colour copy € 0.75 € 1.00
Colour copy (double-sided) € 1.00 € 1.50


For the scanning of documents, € 0.04 is charged per page.

How to print from a BnL computer?

  1. Create a print job from a BnL computer.
  2. Connect to a printer by scanning your reader card.
  3. If the printer is in sleep mode, wait until the menu appears on the screen.
  4. Tap on "Print release", then select the document(s) or tap on "Print all" to start printing.

How to print from a private device?

  1. Send the document(s) as an attachment to The e-mail must be sent from the address in your reader account! For printing via e-mail, only A4 format in black and white is possible. Compatible files are: PDF, BMP, DIB, GIF, JFIF, JIF, JPE, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF and TIFF.
  2. Connect to a printer by scanning your reader card.
  3. If the printer is in sleep mode, wait until the menu appears on the screen.
  4. Tap on “Print release”, then select the document(s) or tap on “Print all” to start printing.

How to use the scanners?

  1. Sit at a scanning station and put your reader card onto the reader. Leave it in place until the operation is complete.
  2. Set up the scan from the home screen.
  3. When the scan is complete, save the document to a USB stick or send it to the email address in your reader account.
  4. Don’t forget to remove your reader card, the session ends automatically.

Reprography by a staff member

Some documents may only be reproduced by BnL staff.

A processing fee of € 10 is charged for reproductions created my the National Library. In the case of postal dispatch, the dispatch costs are charged to the applicant.

Prints and copies

The following rates apply for making photocopies. They also apply to copies made from microforms.

Type Per A4 page Per A3/B4 page
Black and white € 0.50 € 0.80
Colour € 2.00 € 4.00

Reprography by our photo studio

The National Library only produces photographic reproductions of documents it owns. You can place an order via

Documents that have already been digitised are made available to you free of charge. The files are delivered online through a download link.
If you wish, we can also print the reproductions with light-resistant ink. (A4 at €15, A3 at €30, A2 at €60, A1 at €120, A0 at €220)

The following rates apply for the scanning of documents.

Type of reprographic service 1-10 objects 11 or more objects

Photography of documents
suitable for A7-A2 scanning

€ 2 € 1

Photography of documents
unsuitable for A7-A2 scanning  

€ 4 € 2

Scanning of documents
suitable for A2-A0 scanning

€ 4 € 2
Digitisation of posters € 10 € 10
Digitisation of manuscripts € 8 € 4

Digitisation of incunabula, prints,

art prints, maps and plans

€ 12 € 6
Digitisation of sheet music (A7-A4) € 1 per page € 1 per page
Digitisation of sheet music (B4-A3) € 2 per page
€ 2 per page

Do you want to publish the reproduced documents?

A photographic reproduction must comply with the laws and particularly with the legislation on copyright. It is the responsibility of the applicant to clarify the copyright and distribution rights of the reproduced document. Each publication of a document belonging to our collections must be marked "Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg" and a supporting copy must be deposited.

Reprography of audio documents

The National Library only makes copies of audio documents from its own archives that are no longer available for sale, provided that these copies are for private or scientific use.

For every 1/4 hour of copying time, a CD costs €5 and any other analogue or digital medium is charged at €7. Copies are delivered as mp3 files.

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