With a few simple clicks, a-z.lu guides you to the result you are looking for - whether it is printed documents or online resources. This portal offers you direct access to the catalogues of the libraries in the bibnet.lu network as well as to the digitised content of the National Library and the digital resources of the Luxembourg Consortium. 

Searching and filtering

a-z.lu offers numerous search and filtering functions. It shows you not only a list of results but also the bibliographical information, the table of contents or the book’s cover. The filtering options enable you to specify more precise results or restrict your search according to different criteria. A link allows you to go from a-z.lu to the digital documents themselves.

Numerous other functions such as creating and managing a Favourites list, help with citations and notifications about a search query make it even easier to use a-z.lu.

Search on a-z.lu

Borrowing and viewing

Digital documents

When you have found the title of a digital document using the a-z.lu search engine, click on the “Online access” link below the title to get to the document. Depending on the document type, you are directed to an intermediate page or you are requested to download a different program to open the document.

Printed documents

When you have found the reference of a document in the a-z.lu search engine, the bibliographic note tells you where in the Reading Room it is located or how you can order it.

If a document is located in the Reading Room, you must remove it from the shelf yourself, and, if you want to take it home, you must borrow it at the loans desk or a self-service loan machine. Make a note of the document’s shelf mark so that you can find it in the Reading Room. a-z.lu also allows you to open a GPS map of the Reading Room showing the route to the document.

If the document you require is located in the closed stacks, a member of staff will fetch it for you. You simply order the title via a-z.lu. Unless the document has already been borrowed by another user, it will be ready for you to collect from the loans desk within no more than two hours. You will be notified by e-mail when a document is ready for collection.

Learn more about loans Search on a-z.lu

My user account

To access your account, simply log in and click on the menu at the top right. In your user account, you can view the list of your current and previous loans, your reservation requests and the history of your requests. You can extend your loans, cancel your reservations or edit your personal data.

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Frequently asked questions

How to do a simple search?

Browse a-z.lu and simply enter your keywords in the search bar at the top of the page, then start your search! Afterwards, you have the option to refine the results using the filters on the right-hand side of the results page.

How to do an advanced search?

Navigate to a-z.lu and click on the "Advanced search" button on the right of the search bar. Four options are then offered to you.

  • All content: This tab is active by default and allows you to search for all documents available in the library and online.
  • My bibnet.lu library: This tab allows you to search for documents that are located, for example, in the National Library. These documents may be available for loan, for consultation on site or directly accessible online. Click on the tab, then choose the National Library from the drop-down list that appears.
  • Digital Library: This tab gives you quick access to online documents and resources. You have the option to search for either all types of content or a specific type of document such as e-books, online journals and scientific articles.
  • Eluxemburgensia: Choose this tab to see only Luxembourgish documents available online. You will find e.g. newspapers and periodicals, reference books, manuscripts, monographs, historical postcards and old posters.

The advanced search also allows you to make a more elaborate query by means of different fields and Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.

How to filter results?

Once you have started your search, your list of results is displayed. On the left-hand side of the screen, information for each document is presented, such as the type of document (book, article, etc.), title, author and year of publication.

In the right-hand column, you will find filtering options that allow you to refine your search. For example, you can decide to display only physical resources or documents available online. You can also filter by document type, library, language, author, date of creation or subject.

After applying a filter to your results, you can remove it at any time by clicking on the grey cross in the bar above your filters.

How to reserve a particular issue of a collection or multi-volume?

In the case of certain collections or multi-volumes, such as the reference collection "Que sais-je", which has more than 8,000 different publications, you should click on "See descending links" in the "Links" section. This will take you to the complete list of editions in this collection. Once the list is displayed, choose the publication you are interested in and proceed with the reservation.

To reserve a particular issue of a collection, first click on the icon at the bottom of the page to the right of "Locations", then use the filters that appear. Finally, choose the National Library and click on "Reservation".

How to extend a loan?

Log in and click on your name at the top right of the page. Open your reader's account and go to the "Loans" tab to see all your documents currently on loan and their return date. You can extend the loan period for a selection or for all the documents. 

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