The 2030 vision of the National Library is a project that encompasses its services, resources, and collections. Clearly, this also includes the process of digitisation and automation that it undertook several years ago and which it continues to pursue on behalf of its users.The goal is to provide certainty about the direction to be taken in the coming years, both for the institution, its users, and its partners.


7 principles and values guide us in determining our priorities and in carrying out our projects.

  1. We encourage curiosity through our resources, our collections, our documents and our
    activities and we promote creativity, exchanges and reflection.
  2. In everything we undertake, we act with respect for our users and their needs, for our collections and their use, for our donors and rights-holders, for our partners, for our staff and their physical as well as their mental health.
  3. Our methods are dynamic and proactive, but also founded on tradition and continuity.
  4. We are supporting education and the sciences by making our collections and our documents available through high-performing research tools.
  5. We stand out because of our keenness to share our knowledge, our expertise
    and our experiences with our national and international partners in order to imple-
    ment projects and improve shared practices.
  6. We promise lifelong learning by ensuring, through all means, easy and free access to
    the largest possible number of reliable documents.
  7. We undertake to preserve knowledge and cultural heritage in a persistent manner, and from this standpoint we are pursuing an Open Access strategy in Luxembourg.

Strategic Priorities

Our 9 strategic priorities translate the different aspects of our vision into concrete actions.

  1. We ensure easy access to the collections and services and adapt them to new needs
  2. We digitise heritage collections
  3. We develop, enrich, complete, manage, conserve and preserve the manuscript, printed, digital and audiovisual collections
  4. We ensure cultural, educational and scientific valorisation of the collections
  5. We strengthen the culture of recognition, collaboration and training
  6. We develop the BnL’s digital transformation process
  7. We promote the information sciences professions
  8. We pursue strategic national and international partnerships
  9. We draw up an infrastructure development plan



We want to share our vision, our values and our strategic priorities. But we also want to draw attention to some important projects that we will carry out from 2022 to 2024 in order to progressively achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Read up on our entire programme in our online brochure.

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