Acquisitions and donations

Acquisitions and donations

In addition to its mission as a heritage library, the BnL also has an encyclopaedic vocation: three quarters of its printed resources come from abroad and cover various fields of knowledge. Acquisitions are carefully evaluated by our subject specialists. If you wish to support the BnL, you can donate documents or make a financial contribution through the Fonds culturel national.


The acquisition policy is explained in a charter.

Acquisition Policy

Documents in the Non-Luxembourgish Collection are selected by our subject specialists. They research documents and include them in the collection in accordance with the relevant acquisition criteria of the Non-Luxembourgish Collection.

Download the acquisition policy (Pdf, 251 Kb)

Acquisition Proposal

If you cannot find a document in our collections, you can submit an acquisition proposal via The relevant experts at the library will consider your request in the light of the current acquisition policy and will order the document for you or recommend an interlibrary loan.

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If you are interested in supporting the National Library, you could donate documents. The Luxembourgish Collection is a subject of particular interest. The National Library reserves the right to handle donations in accordance with its acquisition policy; that is to say, that some documents are subject to current cassation principles.

Any accepted donation is subsequently checked. Rejected publications are either discarded or redirected to related institutions or other Luxembourgish libraries, which better meet the criteria of the proposed documents.

To make a donation proposal, please click the button below and fill in the form. A member of staff will then process your proposal and contact you shortly. 

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What are we interested in for the Luxembourgish Collection and the Special Collections?

The BnL accepts Luxembourgish or foreign publications relating to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Old Duchy for its historical and contemporary collections, provided that they are not already in the Luxembourgish collections, or in order to complete these collections: books, pamphlets, out-of-print or rare periodicals, manuscripts, typescripts, illustrated and textual posters, calendars, old illustrated postcards, geographical maps, printed and handwritten scores, archives of composers and music communities, sound recordings, iconographic documents and old commercial prints.

What are we interested in for the Non-Luxembourgish Collection?

The BnL accepts books and periodicals that meet the criteria of its scientific missions. Therefore, it refuses publications for children and teenagers, help guides, outdated or deteriorated books and titles that are already available at the BnL. For the non-Luxembourgish collection, donations are only accepted if they are free of charge.


If you are interested in supporting the National Library with specific projects such as the restoration of posters from Luxembourg, you can
make a tax-deductible donation via the National Cultural Fund. At the end of 2016, the BnL began gradually digitising its collection of Luxembourg posters and publishing them online. Unfortunately, many posters are in bad condition due to damage or wear and tear and they need restoring before they can be digitised and made accessible to the public. You can help to support this project by making a donation.

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