Luxembourgish Collection

Luxembourgish Collection

The Luxembourgish Collection consists of all printed or online publications edited and produced in Luxembourg after 1800, entered by legal deposit and acquired in addition to legal deposit. The collection also includes works published abroad by citizens of Luxembourg, or which are connected with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the former Duchy of Luxembourg. Posters and postcards, the Luxembourgish music collection, and publications, which date from before 1800 or which are rare or particularly valuable, form part of the special collections.

Online resources

The National Library offers its readers an ever-growing number of digital documents.

Borrowing and viewing

The Luxembourgish Collection is referenced in the portal. In the Reading Room, documents of the Luxembourgish Collection can be identified thanks to a “LU” mark on their label. Generally speaking, there are always two copies: one for on-site viewing, one for home loans.

Moreover, a large selection of Luxembourgish periodicals is available in the Reading Room. The majority of them are only available for on-site viewing. On the ground floor, you will find national newspapers as well as news bulletins from Luxembourgish communes and associations.

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