Triqui-Traqui : Tritsch-Tratsch make over : symphonic band Paul Desenne ; arrranged by Steve Boehm


For the ‘Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra’ and their conductor Gustavo Dudamel, Paul Desenne composed in 2016 ‘Triqui-Traqui’, a ‘make-over’ of Johann Strauss’ beloved ‘Tritsch-Tratsch Polka’. ‘Triqui-Traqui’ gives you the idea as if you are walking in a South American city and music is playing: on the one hand, you hear Strauss’ ‘Tritsch-Tratsch Polka’ and on the other hand, the music that is so typical for South America. Like in a competition, they compete for the most attention but in the end, it seems that Strauss has won (or maybe not?).

The Luxembourg arranger Steve Boehm has arranged ‘Triqui-Traqui’ for Symphonic Band. A welcome addition to the traditional New Year's repertoire. But these Latin sounds would also fit perfect in a summer concert. (

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