Dreamlover : music for saxophone Albena Petrovic


Dreamlover is a concept - album that brings together important part of Albena Petrovic’s works for Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone solo and chamber music, here She choose the pieces in relation to Joan Marti-Frasquier, who interpreted all of them, and somehow, he gave the initial energy to this creative process. Her catalogue for Saxophones started in 2006-2007 with the quartet « Gebet zum Nichterscheinen », where the Baritone plays almost solo by integrating it into the quartet. This was the time when saxophone ensembles made an important presence and were multiplying all over Europe. The piece appeared during this period, but without being published it did not enjoy great popularity after its premiere; yet 15 years later She rediscovered it without a wrinkle, thanks to the Kebyart Ensemble. It is very curious to discover in this early piece as a precursor, many of the characteristic elements that will mark her later writing. This album which is most a tribute to the Baritone Saxophone shows a new aspect of her work. On the one hand it expresses the dreamy side of her aesthetic through the technical and sound possibilities of this instrument which is rarely given solo pieces, on the other hand She tried to broaden, thanks to the virtuoso Joan Marti - Frasquier, the range of sonic possibilities of the instrument, without succeeding to exhaust it because each time there is still more to discover. (prestomusic.com)

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