Animal Rights Law Raffael N. Fasel, Sean C. Butler


Do animals have legal rights? Fasel and Butler, co-founders of the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law, try to find answers to this important question in their pioneering textbook.

The authors take the reader on a journey from the earliest anti-cruelty laws to modern animal welfare legislation and convey the significance of this legal evolution by analysing the ethics, legal theory and social issues at play. In order to illustrate the ways in which animals are protected by the law, or not, the authors include recent court cases to their volume, such as those of Happy the elephant in the Unites States or Estrellita the wooly monkey in Ecuador. Not only do they discuss the current state of animal rights law but also envision a potential future of this developing legal field.

Overall, Fasel and Butler use examples from over 30 legal systems to create a prime resource for students and for anyone who is interested in animal rights law. I chose this book for our law collection because it gives a good overview of this emerging legal field.

Worth noting is also a website (see below), which accompanies the textbook and which provides information on recent developments in this fast evolving field. It offers key references to sources such as legal cases, legislations and bibliographic references, thus enabling the reader explore the different issues in a more detailed way.

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