Ship of Theseus dir. by Anand Gandhi ; story by Khushboo Ranka, Pankaj Kumar, Anand Gandhi


The title of the movie comes from the Greek myth in which parts of Theseus’ ship were replaced, until there was no longer an original piece.

The film follows three characters who had organ transplants and questions what identity means. Aliya, a blind girl who took up photography to record her memories, captures her pictures with the help of a voice-over device and 3D printing. Her boyfriend helps her to choose the photographs by describing them for her, which makes her question her art. The second character is Maitreya, a monk who might be from the Jain sect, which teaches not to harm any living thing. He questions his spiritual calling as he has to confront a lethal disease. The final story is about Navin, the stockbroker who received a kidney transplant and discovers an illegal organ trade. He has to reassert his ideas about business and morality.

I liked the movie because it shows the complexity of life and how circumstances can force people set in their ways and beliefs to completely change their worldview.

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