New Realism in Modern Russian Literature and the Decay of Liberal Ideas Conference by renowend Russian author Andrei Gelasimov

Contemporary Russian literature is increasingly political. Yet even without direct involvement in social and political issues, it reflects the major shifts in Russian life. At the end of the last century, one of the most famous writers of the time, Vladimir Sorokin, could undress and take a picture of himself hugging a statue of Brezhnev and it was considered a sufficient artistic and intellectual gesture. Nowadays, however, this kind of postmodernist irony with its absurd and destructive power is not enough to attract readers’ attention. To succeed today, a writer is supposed to tell a compelling story. And this means returning to good old realism.

Andrei Gelasimov will tackle key concepts in present-day Russian literature and illustrate how Russian postmodernism with its liberal concepts is making way for a new realism.
Born in Irkutsk in 1965, Andrei Gelasimov studied foreign languages at Yakutsk State University and directing at Moscow Theatre Institute. He became an overnight literary sensation in 2001 with his critically-acclaimed story A Tender Age. His novels have regularly enjoyed critical acclaim and popular success in Russia and throughout Europe. Rachel is his fourth novel to be published in English, following Thirst, The Lying Year, and Gods of the Steppe, winner of Russia’s National Bestseller Prize in 2009. Gelasimov adapted Thirst for the screen and the film went on to win the Jury Prize at the Sochi Open Russian Film Festival.

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The conference will be held in English.

Lieu :
- Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, Salle des Arts
Dates :
Le 28.09.2015 de 18:30 jusqu'à 21:00