Three posters restored thanks to your donations Surplus books giveaway

Posters and Postcards Collection

In October 2022, visitors to the National Library had the opportunity to pick up books in exchange for a small donation for the restoration of historical documents.

This event, which has been organised for years, was a great success. We thank all those who came to support us! Thanks to the donations collected, the BnL was able to restore three posters from its special collections.

Restoration is a crucial task in order to ensure the preservation of heritage and the long-term access to documents, which are unfortunately often in bad condition due to damage or wear and tear. Once restored, the posters are ready to be digitised. They are then integrated into our catalogue and metadata is added. If necessary, copyright clarification is also carried out before they are published on the portal.

At the end of 2016, the BnL began gradually digitising its collection of Luxembourgish posters and publishing them on this portal. To date, 780 posters are already freely available online.

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