Naming certificates for three new roses submitted to the BnL Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg

Ephemera Collection

The non-profit organisation Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg has handed over the naming certificates for the ‘Stand, Speak, Rise Up !’, ‘Mémoire de Wiltz’ and ‘Red Fire, syn. Paul Wurth’ roses to the National Library of Luxembourg. The mission of these roses, introduced in 2022, is to erect a symbolic monument - from nature - to a cause deemed to be of general importance, such as supporting the fight against a war crime, highlighting the memory of resilient and courageous opponents of dictatorship as well as international industrial success

By presenting the BnL with the rose’s naming certificate, bearing the original signatures of the godmother, godfather and witnesses, Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg aims to raise public awareness of the current rose revival and the prowess of Luxembourg rose growers over 100 years ago. The rose heritage is increasingly coming back into people’s minds, hearts and gardens.

The new documents will enrich the BnL’s Ephemera Collection, which already contains the naming certificates of the roses Anise Koltz (2018), Anne Beffort (2019), Pierre d'Aspelt (2021) and Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg (2021). It should be noted that the BnL has several documents from the rose period (from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century) in its Luxembourg Collection which can be searched via

‘Stand, Speak, Rise Up !’ is a floribunda rose with graceful single white flowers, from which a remarkable garnet-red heart stands out, typical of the Rosa persica varieties. The 'Mémoire de Wiltz' is a landscape rose with charming single flowers, golden stamens and petals that change from coral pink to a light purple pink. ‘Red Fire, syn. Paul Wurth’ is a modern shrub rose which blooms in clusters of double red flowers with yellow centres and serrated petal edges.

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