Research days on François-Xavier de Feller were a complete success

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On 8 and 9 February 2024, the National Library of Luxembourg organised international research days on François-Xavier de Feller (1735-1802), a former Jesuit who devoted his writing to the service of temporal and spiritual power.

Bringing together historians and literary specialists, the event highlighted the importance of this author, much of whose work was written and published in Luxembourg by the publisher André Chevalier, and can be consulted at the BnL.

The research days brought together national and international historians and literary specialists.

These two days provided an opportunity for researchers from a variety of backgrounds to present a cross-section of views on a little-known work that is essential for understanding the context of scholarly, philosophical and religious polemics in the 18th century. They highlighted Feller’s activities as a scholar and controversial figure, and explored certain aspects of the written word, the circulation of knowledge and related controversies. 

The programme also included a guided tour of the collections of the National Library, which enabled participants to examine not only some of Feller’s writings, but also documents relating to the former Jesuit college in Luxembourg, particularly with regard to plays and courses in natural philosophy.

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