What you've always wanted to ask us Online office hours with the Director of the National Library

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On 24.01.2023 at 17:30
Claude D. Conter
English, French, German, Luxembourgish

The BnL welcomes more than 600 readers a day and is thus an important part of Luxembourgish society. You come to us to learn, to do research or simply to enjoy a quiet moment.

In 2023, we want to interact more with you and would like to present our vision and the projects we are working on. This is why we are offering online office hours with Claude D. Conter, the Director of the National Library, during which you can not only ask questions, but also suggest your ideas for the BnL.

Which newspapers are we digitising? Why did the a-z.lu portal change in November 2022? Why can't you take some documents on home loan? We will be answering your questions on 24 January 2023 from 17.30 on our Facebook page.

You can also send your questions in advance via Facebook Messenger or via our website.