New commemorative stamp for the 225th anniversary of the BnL POST Philately

The National Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new commemorative stamp on the occasion of its 225th anniversary. The stamp highlights the dual role of the BnL, namely the preservation of the written heritage and its communication to the public beyond national borders.

The 225th anniversary of the BnL refers to the first public library in Luxembourg, created by the authorities of the French Republic in 1798. It was composed of the dissolved collections of the library of the former States of Luxembourg, the library of the Jesuits and the libraries of other religious orders (Echternach, Luxembourg-City, Orval), whose collections are now housed in the BnL.

In total, 75,000 copies of the stamp were produced. This collector's stamp is available for the next two weeks in all post offices, in the e-shop of POST Philately and at the philatelic counter at 13 rue Stumper Luxembourg-Cloche d'or.

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