Discover our 2022 Activity Report A year in review

The National Library is pleased to present its 2022 Activity Report. We invite you to browse and discover our projects, actions and notable acquisitions of the past year. An English version of the report will be available shortly.

In 2022, the BnL continued its transformation process to ensure easy access to the collections and to optimise the use of its services and research tools. In collaboration with the CTIE, migrated to the Alma software, allowing more than 80 libraries to improve their library data management and to offer more efficient documentary research tools. This software also allows for greater autonomy of professional experts and will be the basis for new projects, such as the extension of the library network and the customisation of search interfaces.

A total of 22 projects were completed, including the redesign of the website, the broadening of our opening hours and online registration via, the exhibitions on James Joyce and Johny Fritz, and the symposium “NS-Bibliothekspolitik und -praxis in Europa”.

We would like to thank all our staff for their commitment and invite you to discover more details about our projects of the year 2022 in our activity report.

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