Free trial access to the Taylor & Francis e-book collection Collection includes over 150,000 e-books covering a variety of subjects

The National Library is pleased to offer its users temporary access to the complete Taylor & Francis e-book collection until 30 June 2023. This trial includes over 150,000 e-books covering subjects such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, and Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health.

As an institution dedicated to providing access to academic resources, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our digital offerings. Therefore, we have initiated this trial period to assess the needs and preferences of our users and to determine if the Taylor & Francis e-book collection aligns with their requirements.

The collection is a highly regarded source of scholarly literature, providing access to the latest research and advancements in various subject areas. We believe this trial will provide our readers with valuable resources for research, academic studies or personal enrichment and encourage them to explore the vast collection of e-books available on the Taylor & Francis platform.

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▪ The information presented in this article is accurate as of its publication date. However, please note that our digital offerings are constantly evolving. Therefore, some information, such as terms of access or database contents, may have changed or become outdated since that time.

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