This must be the place : how music can make your city better Shain Shapiro


“To protect individual access to music, we require collective action – a policy”. Shain Shapiro’s trade book introduces the idea of adopting an active stance in music policy-making rather than letting things happen passively.

Shapiro stresses that in order to understand a local music ecosystem, a thorough analysis of the local music industry’s worth is necessary. He argues that how music is perceived is closely linked to how cities are developed, built, managed, and governed. This is why it is important to use music ecosystems in cities to their full potential.

Auditing how city policy-making, e.g. alcohol licensing, impacts an urban music ecosystem is the first step to actively planning the success and economic growth of the local music industry, thus guaranteeing a thriving music ecosystem.

Arguing through his personal experience with his firm Sound Diplomacy, Shapiro offers a blueprint on how to improve such an ecosystem and thus improve, ultimately, the quality of life for the communities affected.

An inspiring and empowering book based on a vision of what an ideal music city would look like and how it could benefit everyone.

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