Who Owns Outer Space? : International Law, Astrophysics and the Sustainable Development of Space Michael Byers, Aaron Boley


“Who owns outer space?” It may seem like a simple question, but it’s not so easy to find the answer. Byers and Boley, two of the world’s leading experts in space science and international law, provide a scientific and political guide to environmental protection in space.

In their transdisciplinary analysis, the authors explain the essential aspects of space science, international law, and global governance, and identify and examine challenges such as space debris, asteroid impacts, and anti-satellite weapons. They explore the environmental, safety and security aspects of humanity’s rapid expansion into space and the question of how the space environment should be managed in a sustainable manner. Readers will gain the essential knowledge necessary to engage in the legal, political, and scientific debates about future space exploration.

In this book of research, the authors clearly demonstrate their understanding of the most important aspects of space exploration and use, and they propose practical solutions. Discussing a real challenge facing humanity today, it is essential reading for space policy makers and industry leaders.

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