Climate change, literature, and environmental justice : poetics of dissent and repair

Janet Fiskio

"This book shows how the discourse of climate change emerges within histories of colonization, enslavement, and revolution. By placing climate change within the longer histories of enslavement and settler colonialism, Janet Fiskio reveals the connections between climate change activism and enslavement, genocide, imperialism, white supremacy, incarceration. Organized around three themes-speculative pasts and futures; practices of dissent, mourning, and repair; and everyday inhabitation and social care-Climate Change, Literature, and Environmental Justice shows the ways that frontline communities resist environmental racism and protect and repair the world. It provides anaylisis of expressive cultures, including literature, dance, protest movements, oral history, and cooking utilizing decolonial and reparative theories. It offers readings of key figures, such as Octavia Butler, Louise Erdrich, Winona LaDuke, Mark Nowak, Simon Ortiz, Jesmyn Ward, and Colson Whitehead"

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