Miss Fury : sensational sundays 1944-1949

« Catfights and crossdressers, mad scientists and Gestapo agents -it’s one exciting adventure after another in this lavish, full-color collection of the first female superhero created and drawn by a woman. Miss Fury was a sexy adventurer clad in a skin-tight panther costume-complete with sharp claws on her hands and her feet! By day, she was socialite Marla Drake. By night…Miss Fury.
Eisner- and Harvey-nominated writer and historian Trina Robbins has chosen the best Miss Fury stories for this oversized collection, which also features a biographical essay about Tarpé Mills that places her within the history of women cartoonists, and includes pages from an unpublished and unfinished Miss Fury graphic novel by Mills from 1979. Born June Tarpé Mills in 1918 in Brooklyn, NY, she signed her work by her middle name "Tarpé" to conceal her gender. When her 'Miss Fury' became a success, however, Mills could not hide her gender and many interviews appeared, with photographs of the creator, who strongly resembled her own heroic character. She also drew her cat, Perry Purr, into her comic, and he went on to become a bit of a war hero as she "donated him to the war effort." Tarpe Mills, who received her education at the New York's Pratt Institute, drew her comics in a glamorous, fashionable style, paying a lot of attention to the heroine's outfits. Sometimes these consisted of next to nothing, which at one point shocked the editors of 37 newspapers so much, that they canceled the strip that day. 'Miss Fury' ran until 1951. »

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