All these black days between

Rebecca Horn

«Postcard collages and texts by Rebecca Horn sent to Timothy Baum and friends," is the only explanation artist Rebecca Horn wanted to include in her latest book, probably her most accessible to a larger public. We have no idea who her friends are, nor when they received mail from this German artist, living in Berlin and Paris. It’s an enigmatic collection of her beautiful, and most of all poetic, postcards. Horn presents to us a fragmented love story, told in painfully precise snapshots of lust and desire. By altering existing postcards, painting over them or gluing parts of different images on them, Horn creates collages that mirror life's beautiful and troubling contingencies. In what might be the artist's most personal book, Rebecca Horn presents life as a journey. In sharing her most intimate, most common emotional states in images and texts, Rebecca Horn creates an almost baroque dialogue between reality and the world of longing.»

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