Walking on water = Christo - Walking on water

dir. by Andrey M. Paounov

An uncensored look into the artistic process and personal relationships of Christo, an artist who was known for his large-scale installations. Around 2013 Christo, a long-time master of large-scale installation art—in which he constructed, or inserted onto/into natural settings, foreign objects to create unique interactive experiences—embarked on his first project without his wife and partner Jeanne-Claude. “The Floating Piers” was a piece they’d conceived in 1970; the idea was to construct, from polyethylene cubes, water walkways of unusual length, which would then be covered in fabric. Lake Isea in Italy was chosen. Because of the materials involved, the experience contained buoyancy; because the temporary piers had no railings, the experience also contained potential danger. Paounov chronicles the project shortly before its opening, about three months prior.

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