Dark waters

dir. by Todd Haynes ; screenplay by Mario Correa, Matthew Michael Carnahan ; based on The New York Times magazine article "The lawyer who became DuPont's worst nightmare" by Nathaniel Rich

"Dark Waters," starring Mark Ruffalo as an attorney trying to punish the DuPont chemical corporation for dumping toxic waste in West Virginia, is a lone-crusader-against-the-corrupt-system film." The film is giving viewers the sense of what a long, tedious, spiritually draining process this can be, and letting even the best-looking, most charismatic actors in the ensemble appear onscreen looking as if they inhabit the same reality as the rest of us and are exhausted by it. Moviegoers who keep up with environmental news (or who have read about the actual case that inspired "Dark Waters") know that the farmer's plight is a gateway to a wider discussion of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a byproduct of one of DuPont's most lucrative postwar products, teflon. This in turn leads to a wider and more alarming look at toxic chemicals that are spread through the water supply, enter human bodies, and stay there.

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