Idealisten = The idealist [Film]

Instruktør Christina Rosendahl

« The story will be familiar to most Danes and Greenlanders, but perhaps less so to international audiences. Delving into one of the most hushed-up chapters in Danish Cold War foreign policy, The Idealist is a film about a plane crash in Greenland that became the start of a toxic unravelling of a secret Danish nuclear policy – and about a journalist’s quest for the truth.
When an American B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed in Danish territory in 1968, only three of the devices were recovered and documented.
Two decades later, and with a number of the recovery workers suffering with serious illnesses associated with radiation poisoning, an investigative journalist looks to find out what really happened in the aftermath of the crash.
With both the Danish and US governments looking to cover up the existence of a fourth bomb, Brink faces a tough battle to find the truth. »

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