George Washington [Film]

written by Richard Fielder and Jon Boothe ; based on the books by James Thomas Flexner ; directed by Buzz Kulik

« This eight-hour miniseries stars Barry Bostwick as George Washington – the initially reluctant first American President who remains a symbol of diplomacy and strength to this day. Bostwick is accompanied by screen legend Patty Duke who plays the inimitable Martha Washington.
Chronicling Washington’s life from age 11 to age 51, this unparalleled biopic of the America hero is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography by James Thomas Flexner.
Nominated for six Primetime Emmys, the series explores key moments in Washington's life and career, including his involvement in the French and Indian War, the coming and commencement of the Revolutionary War, and the victory of the Independence from England. »

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