The front page [Film] = Spéciale première

dir. by Billy Wilder ; screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond ; based on a play by Ben Hecht et Charles MacArthur
«It had to happen sooner or later that Billy Wilder, one of the most astringent wits of the American cinema, would make a movie out of the great nineteen-twenties Chicago newspaper farce by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. No matter that it's been very well made before—in 1931 by Lewis Milestone and in 1940 by Howard Hawks, this "Front Page" displays a giddy bitterness that is rare in any films except those of Mr. Wilder. It is also, much of the time, extremely funny. The orginal place and time (Chicago in the late twenties) have been preserved, as well as the principal setting, the press room in Chicago's ancient Criminal Courts Building, The Wilder-Diamond screenplay updates and makes somewhat rougher the original tough-guy dialogue and wisecracks, but the story has not been violated. It's still about the efforts of Chicago's most brilliant, most ruthless managing editor, Walter Burns (Walter Matthau) to keep his star reporter, Hildy Johnson (Jack Lemmon), on the job long enough to cover the impending execution of a poor, shy left - wing innocent whom Chicago's yellow press has turned into a Red Menace from Moscow.» Réservation en ligne
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