Love & friendship [Film]

written and dir. by Whit Stillman ; based on the novel "Lady Susan" by Jane Austen
«Here is a hilariously self-aware period comedy polished to a brilliant sheen. Whit Stillman has found a new way of dramatising Austen – or just found a new Austen, an Austen who appears to have pre-emptively absorbed 21st-century satire and inoculated herself against it. Lady Susan is the scandalous heroine, a widow with beauty and a distinguished name, but no financial means, thus entitled to sympathy and in need of money: a dangerous combination. It is a film of surfaces and cynicism, in which the romanticism of the more famous stories is almost entirely absent: not much of either love or friendship. Interestingly, the real Austen heroine is probably the good-looking Reginald; he is the yearning idealist who is revolted by the idea of marrying for money, and is poignantly vulnerable to manipulation. His fate is settled in the way we might expect. But Lady Susan’s role is harder to read. Might she have a heart after all? Love & Friendship is a refreshing and invigorating delight.» Réservation en ligne
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