Spies of Warsaw

directed by Coky Giedroyć, Weronika Migon, Kiaran Murray-Smith
« This two-part series is based on an Alan Furst novel of the same title, and it is true to the original in story and in spirit: it’s an enjoyable, straightforward espionage tale. “Spies of Warsaw,” which begins in 1937, is set amid candelabras and barbed-wire fences in Poland, France and Germany, and brackets Polish demimondaines, German industrialists, SS officers, Bolsheviks, Jewish refugees and French military officers. Col. Jean-François Mercier (David Tennant) is a French military attaché in Warsaw, a widower and wounded World War I hero who in 1920 also fought in a Polish unit against the Red Army. Mercier is modeled closely on de Gaulle, though he is much more handsome, and single and available. Mercier has a front-row view of Germany’s preparations for war, and they are hard to miss — the border keeps getting closer. Mercier knows that war is imminent, but he has to fight denial — or indifference — inside the French Embassy and even back in Paris, where top officers in the Deuxième Bureau ignore or dispute his reports. There is nothing more satisfying than a prewar espionage story that shows, up close and told-you-so, how most of Europe slept through Hitler’s rise. » Réservation en ligne
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