The lost prince

written and dir. by Stephen Poliakoff
« Stephen Poliakoff's BBC drama telling the story of Prince John, the autistic and epileptic son of Queen Mary and King George V who spent his whole life hidden away from public view. Covering the period leading up to and including the First World War, the film bears witness to many major historic events through the eyes of the young prince, and dramatises such important royal occasions as Edward VII's funeral and the visitation of the nine Kings of Europe in 1910.
A marvellous reinvention of the costume epic, it is an absorbing study of the turbulent years leading up to and during the First World War, seen through the percipient eyes of a scarcely remembered royal child. Extensively researched, impeccably cast, beautifully filmed, written and directed with masterly economy and restraint, this is a timely reminder that a fiction film can teach complicated world politics in an entertaining way. » Réservation en ligne
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