The hour

dir. by Jamie Payne, Harry Bradbeer, Coky Giedroyc ; screenplay by Abi Morgan
« The miniseries is set in 1956 England, behind the scenes of a news program called “The Hour.’’ At the heart of the show are three contrasting journalists: enigmatic producer Bel Rowley, a spirited woman in a man’s world, her best friend Freddie Lyon, a brilliant and passionate reporter, and a charming, well-connected front man, Hector Madden. As Freddie moves to cover a significant but controversial breaking story, the trio become entangled in an intense interplay of politics, ambition and romance, ignited by a mysterious murder and chilling conspiracy. Fifties London is brought to life in this tense drama, delivering an exquisite and stylish portrayal of a world on the threshold of momentous change. “The Hour,” fixates on coverups, conspiracies and other averted glances that color the postwar mood as Britain readjusts to a somewhat lessened global sphere of influence. It’s all about spies, yes, but it’s also all about the waning days of the monarchy’s reach. The Suez Canal crisis of ’56 is the story of the moment, and it works as a symbolic backdrop to “The Hour’s” essential sense of national loss. » Réservation en ligne
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