Regulations for group rooms “Carrels”

Booking group rooms, called “carrels “

The carrels are available during the opening hours of the reading rooms and can be booked via Only registered users with a valid library card issued by the BnL can book 

a carrel.

Carrels can be booked per 30-minute sessions:

•                     for the same day, and up to seven days in advance

•                     for a maximum of two hours a day

•                     for a maximum of six hours a week.

The booking expires in the event of a patron being more than 15 minutes late. The library reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to make the available to other users. Please inform the staff at the loan and information desk on the ground floor of the library if a carrel is vacated before the expiry time of the reservation.

Terms of use

The carrels are solely intended for group study. A carrel cannot be occupied by a sole user. The minimum number of persons required for online booking to be valid is as follows:      

-          2 persons for carrels holding 2-4 users

-          3 persons for carrels holding up to 6 users

For safety reasons, and in order to maintain healthy climatic conditions, the maximum number of occupants is limited to the number of chairs made available by the BnL in each carrel Food and drinks, with the exception of bottled water, are not allowed in the carrels.

The consultation of resources accessible directly in the reading room or from the closed stacks is authorized. However, resources from special collections can only be consulted in the special collections reading room. After consultation, resources should be placed on the carts in the reading room and not be re-shelved by the users themselves.

The audio booths are sound isolation enclosures for the consultation of language courses and audio documents (music and audio books). The music room can be used for viewing and interpreting music scores on the piano.

The user who books a carrel is responsible to keep the carrel neat and tidy during its occupancy. The user is moreover responsible for damage or loss of carrel furniture provided by the library and for damage to the carrel itself. Users are responsible for the documents and personal effects used or left in the carrels. The BnL declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to objects.

Library or security staff have the right to access carrels in order to ensure that these terms and conditions are adhered to. The library reserves the right to withdraw the library card and membership of the BnL at any time if any of the terms and conditions are breached.

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