The poem is you : 60 contemporary

Stephen Burt

« Contemporary American poetry has plenty to offer new readers, and plenty more for those who already follow it. Yet its difficulty and sheer variety leaves many readers puzzled or overwhelmed. The critic, scholar, and poet Stephen Burt sets out to help. Beginning in the early 1980s, where critical consensus ends, Burt canvasses American poetry of the past four decades, from the headline-making urgency of Claudia Rankine s Citizen to the stark pathos of Louise Gluck, the limitless energy of J. F. Herrera, and the erotic provocations of D. A. Powell. The book is a guide to the diverse magnificences of American poetry today. It presents a wide range of poems selected by Burt for this volume, each accompanied by an original essay explaining how a given poem works, why it matters, and how the poem speaks to other parts of art and culture »

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