Thermodynamics, kinetics, and microphysics of clouds

Vitaly I. Khvorostyanov, Judith A. Curry
« Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Microphysics of Clouds presents a unified theoretical foundation that provides the basis for incorporating cloud microphysical processes in cloud and climate models. In particular, the book provides:  a theoretical basis for understanding the processes of cloud particle formation, evolution and precipitation, with emphasis on spectral cloud microphysics based on numerical and analytical solutions of the kinetic equations for the drop and crystal size spectra along with the supersaturation equation ;  the latest detailed theories and parameterizations of drop and crystal nucleation suitable for cloud and climate models derived from the general principles of thermodynamics and kinetics ; a platform for advanced parameterization of clouds in weather prediction and climate models ; the scientific foundation for weather and climate modification by cloud seeding. This book will be invaluable for researchers and advanced students engaged in cloud and aerosol physics, and air pollution and climate research. » Réservation en ligne
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