Two years eight months and twenty-eight nights : a novel

Salman Rushdie
When a man who calls himself a faith healer arrives in a small, west-coast Irish village, the community is soon under the spell of this charismatic stranger from the Balkans.
One woman in particular, Fidelma McBride, becomes enthralled in a fatal attraction that leads to unimaginable consequences.
« Edna O’Brien’s new novel, her first in a decade, has already been hailed as “her masterpiece” by that master-of-them-all Philip Roth. And he’s right. This is a spectacular piece of work,
massive and ferocious and far-reaching, yet also at times excruciatingly, almost unbearably, intimate. Holding you in its clutches from first page to last,
it dares to address some of the darkest moral questions of our times while never once losing sight of the sliver of humanity at their core.»
Julie Myerson, Gardian Réservation en ligne
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