The propaganda game [Film] = The Korean dream

dir. by Álvaro Longoria
« The Hermit Kingdom is a nickname inspired by North Korea's secrecy and withdrawal from the wider world. The last remaining stronghold of Communism, it is a country reviled and lampooned in the West, where its mystery inspires ridicule and anxiety in equal measure. This documentary portrays a highly regimented visit organised through the unexpected figure of a forty-year-old Spaniard who is the government's only foreign employee, Special Delegate Foreign Relations DPRK. Over the course of Longoria's stay, he goes from being an affable curiosity to revealing the depth of his devotion to the party line ; he speaks to a group of school children and tells them how Kim Jong-un is revered across the globe and how North Korea is - effectively - the centre of the world. Another official, however, admits to Longoria's quietly probing camera that the DPRK's understanding of how the world sees it is actually very limited. The aim is to highlight the propaganda wars being embarked upon both within the country's borders and on the international stage. » Réservation en ligne
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