Plastic Love – Say Yes Dog

With the release of Plastic Love, the Berlin based trio are proving that they’re not one hit wonders and have provided the world with 12 songs that can only be categorised as electro synth with an edge. While most of the tracks sound the same, songs like A Friend, Girlfriend and, Before I Go have a distinct edge: there’s some funky keystrokes and some echo choruses that make these stand out a bit more above the rest. Now you might think that this is an entirely computer made product, but no that’s not a robot you’re hearing that’s the vocalists dry, monotonous and digitally reworked vocals. The entire feel is kind of robotic, but in a funky android dance party kind of way. The combination of rhythmic drumbeats and intoxicating vocals means you’ll be reprogramming yourself for movement. Say Yes Dog definitely has an ear for a good melody and knows how to produce some killer electro, indie synth that makes them so hard to label. Listening to their debut Plastic Love is definitely a wild experience that’s going to have you lose control of your limbs, as they’ll be moving along to each track all on their own. The beats are infectious, the vocals are refreshing and the tempo is pretty much spot on. Réservation en ligne
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